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Online and Paper-Pencil mode

MCMF is available to the user in the form of online and a paper-pencil mode. We encourage the users to take the online assessment form. At the end of the test, the respondent gets a report based on his/her response to the items in the questionnaire.


If the test taker is interested in having an in-depth or more detailed information about his/her report, we offer one-on-one personal counselling. Interested people are welcome to contact our in-house counsellors.


Our certification programs provide an overview of the MCMF assessment and give practitioners/counsellors the necessary information/tool they will need to produce benefits for their clients. This certification will allow practitioners/counsellors to gain an in-depth understanding of the best and most ethical ways to administer MCMF, as well as how to interpret and apply results to help their clients achieve their goals. To use MCMF, practitioners/counsellors will need to complete a certification program based on certain eligibility criteria.