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Benefits of MCMF

MCMF has a wide range of benefits, including the following:

  • Self-Understanding - Gives insights about an individual's dominant personality traits.
  • Parent-Child Understanding - Helps parents understand their child's interest, skills and passion. An in-depth understanding will help minimize stress to both parents and children.
  • Teacher-Student Understanding - Helps teachers understand the strengths of the students and focus on the areas that needs improvement.
  • Career Development - Helps an individual increase his/her self-awareness and provide in-depth understanding of his/her strengths and blind spots.
  • Work Environment - Helps an individual determine his/her preferred working environment based on his/her skills and interests.
  • Personality Development - Helps an individual understand his/her strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Job Satisfaction - Aligning career with one's personality will result in reduced levels of stress and increase in job satisfaction.


"This is actually a very good initiative-to help people understand themselves. I thank B.Tech GURU and MCMF team for this opportunity." -- *Sabbavarapu Naveen*

"Very good self assessment test. I am very satisfied with the results.Thanks" -- *Swetha Pershad*

"The questions asked tells us how far we are willing to go to fulfill our dreams and aspirations. It showed a glimpse, rather a good match to your character.
BTECHGURU guys... You are doing a good job. My best wishes to you" -- *Narayan Saikia*

"This really helped me analyze myself and gain knowledge about my blind spots. This gives me hope about my strengths. Really nice and the 15 minutes I spent is really worthy" -- *Dhiliban*

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