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Students and parents go through a lot of stress while making a career choice. Many students go through a lot more stress when it comes to employment after completing their degree. Some of them get into domains where the demand is low and they also tend to join courses that they don't like. Obviously, it has an impact on students' performance and employment.

Career guidance, therefore, is absolutely necessary in India because students need to be mentally prepared to face the world after graduation. Moreover, with a high percentage of youngsters making up the Indian demographic, we also need to make sure that the young workforce is employable, accountable, and most importantly, happy.

My Choice My Future (MCMF) Psychometric Assessment is a "Know Yourself Tool" for career choice to help students to understand their personality strengths and choose a relevant career based on their strengths.

MCMF Tool has been developed in collaboration with the Faculty and alumni of IIT Madras. MCMF test is also available in English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, and Bengali. Students make their career choice based on their strengths.


  • Improved self-understanding
  • Identify personal strengths
  • Improved understanding between parents and children
  • Increased awareness of career options
  • Explore career choices based on strengths
  • Awareness of various careers, courses, competitive exams, scholarships, and colleges
  • Identification of areas for self-improvement
  • Helps in developing an action plan for career advancement.

Unique Features:

  • Career Assessment: Online
  • Personalized MCMF Analysis Report: Yes
  • MCMF report interpretation session with the Counselor: Yes
  • One-on-One Counselling Session with the Counselor: Yes
  • Career Counselling using MCMF Career Guidance Framework
  • Handbook on Top 100 Careers


Sample Report - Download