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  1. What are the objectives of MCMF?
      Objectives of MCMF:
    • To use your responses to seventy two questionnaire items and enable you gain insights about some basic dimensions of your personality.
    • To help you use the insights to identify your strengths and personality dimensions you should work on.
    • To enable you map or match your personality dimensions onto compatible, suitable or appropriate careers for you.
  2. Where can I take MCMF test?

    MCMF is available for the users online as well as in the form of a paper-pencil test.

  3. What will MCMF not do?

    It is not a personality evaluation form that concludes that an individual should have a particular personality trait. Instead, it is a self assessment tool that highlights his/her prominent personality traits and helps him/her identify certain personality traits that are important for his/her chosen career.

  4. Who will benefit from the MCMF?
    • Students (High School, Higher Secondary School, College)
    • Working Professionals
    • Parents and Well-wishers
  5. Who has developed MCMF?

    BodhBridge Educational Services Private Limited developed MCMF Form along with the support of faculty and alumnus of Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras.

  6. How does MCMF classify personality?
      MCMF classifies personality traits into two sets:
    • Basic Personality Traits (Disciplined, Determined/Focused, Reliability/ Responsibility, Independence)
    • Career Oriented Personality Traits (Analytical, Compassion/Generosity, Adaptability/Versatility, Creativity/Imaginative, Adventurous/Risktaking, Communicative/Expressive, Extrovert and Hands-on.
  7. On what basis have basic and career oriented personality traits been chosen?

    Based on our research on personality traits and qualities required for various career, we arrived at a list of qualities important for an individual independent of career choice or education. These were classified as basic personality traits. Based on the research on an exhaustive set of career qualities required for various careers, we arrived at career oriented personality Traits.

  8. Can some career oriented personality traits be part of basic personality traits?

    Yes, from a general perspective, some career oriented personality traits can be classified as basic personality traits. But for the purpose of MCMF analysis, we have classified them as career oriented personality traits and basic personality traits.

  9. Are the career-quality mapping exhaustive?

    According to the research and data collected from various sources, we have tried to make it exhaustive. However, we may always have exceptions. Please contact our counsellors ( for more details.

  10. If I find my top three career oriented personality traits not matching with my career interests, what should I do?
      If you see a mismatch between your career interest and the prominent personality traits, it means that MCMF helped you to become self aware of the gap between your personality and your career interests. You can look at two ways to bridge this:
    • Adapt/develop/improve the necessary aspects of personality to suit your career interests
    • Match your career interest to suit your personality
  11. I am currently studying bachelor course (Engineering/Arts/Commerce or Science), after MCMF analysis, I realize that my personality trait does not match with my current course of study. What should I do?
      You can look at two ways to handle this:
    • Along with completing your current course of study, you can spend your time and efforts during this course to build skills and competencies necessary for the career that match your personality traits and interests.
    • You can also prepare yourself for higher education opportunities in relevant sectors that match with your career oriented personality traits.